Electric vehicle and sustainability

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The definitive goodbye to all false myths about electric cars

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Yes, there are still too many electric vehicle myths that hide the great benefits of electric cars and we want to strongly refute them!

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The future of electric mobility: solid-state batteries

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The evolution of lithium-ion battery: solid-state batteries, the future of electric cars. Greater autonomy, more safety and fast charging.

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Coronavirus and human stupidity

Climate change | Pollution | Environment | Sustainability

In the wake of coronavirus, air pollution levels around the world have plummeted as never before, but that's not such good news.

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Yes, diesel pollutes much more than petrol

Climate change | Pollution | Environment | Sustainability

The real diesel pollution: studies by Transport & Environment contrast that diesel cars are more polluting than petrol engines.

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What’s AVAS? An Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

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AVAS system or PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) is the Acoustic Vehicle Warning System that all electric vehicles must include by law.

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Why installing a charging point in your business?

Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Reasons and benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging point: sustainability, extra income source and new customers!

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How to extend your electric vehicle lifespan

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We bring you tips to help you both extend your electric vehicle lifespan and increase its autonomy, as well as eliminate range anxiety.

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Hydrogen, the future fuel?

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Hydrogen and electric vehicle. Do you believe that hydrogen fuel cell car will become electric car great competitor? Let’s talk about it!

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Night rate for electric vehicle drivers

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An off-peak tariff has been created for EV drivers to charge its electric cars during the night rate to maximize their savings.

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Electric vehicle safety

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Electric vehicle safety is greater than combustion cars: they have multiple safety elements and considerations and competitive advantages.