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Place to Plug enables ad-hoc charging for electric cars

Our corner | Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Place to Plug, as e-mobility service provider and CPO, ensures access to electric car charging for all EV drivers through ad-hoc charging.

9 minutes read

Interoperability: boosting electric mobility

Our corner | Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Interoperability (eRoaming) is the implementation of communication standards such as the OCPI protocol for electric vehicle charging.

10 minutes read

Smart Charging system for electric vehicles

Our corner | Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Smart Charging system for electric vehicles enables efficient charging point management and charging optimization through cloud data.

5 minutes read

Why installing a charging point in your business?

Our corner | Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Reasons and benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging point: sustainability, extra income source and new customers!

5 minutes read

What's Place to Plug?

Our corner | Place to Plug | Electric vehicle

Place to Plug offers an app for electric vehicle drivers, a control center for the EV charging stations management and developer tools.

How is Place to Plug boosting electric mobility?

Offering an end to end solution for the entire EV charging industry, whether if you are an EV driver, an operator, a developer, a business or an institution!

Are you a company or institution interested in our platform?

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EV Charging stations management system

Connect Control Center | Place to Plug

Charging stations’ owners and operators can manage their electric vehicle charging points thanks to Connect, the EV charging station software with more than 100 features.

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Developer platform: from developers to developers

Developer platform | Place to Plug

Thanks to customizable integrations with 3 rd parties’ systems and apps and real-time information worldwide, our API simplifies charging station usage and management in your own EV charging solutions and developments.

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App for EV drivers to charge everywhere you go

App for EV drivers | Place to Plug

Find and charge in hundreds of charging stations anywhere you go with our app for electric vehicle owners, designed to offer the best charging experience, without the need of specific apps or RFID cards.