Electric vehicle and sustainability

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Why installing a charging point in your business?

Place to Plug | electric vehicle

Installing a charging point in your business will bring you more sustainable visibility, which will be a considerable plus for both current customers and future new customers and, at the same time, will provide a new income source to your company.

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How to extend your electric car's battery life

EV essentials | electric vehicle

Battery is, in essence, electric vehicle’s most important element and, therefore, as EV drivers, we should take into account some tips to make electric car battery last longer.

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Hydrogen, the future fuel?

sustainability | electric vehicle

Hydrogen and electric vehicle. Do you believe that hydrogen will be the future fuel and will become electric vehicle great competitor, that both will be necessary elements to promote 100% sustainable mobility or simply that it has no future?

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Night rate for electric vehicle drivers

EV essentials | electric vehicle

An off-peak tariff has been created specifically for EV drivers to charge during the night in order to maximize their savings.

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Electric vehicles safety

EV essentials | electric vehicle

Electric vehicles safety is a big point in its favor, since the crash-tests passed by EV have obtained the highest scores ever recorded, making electric cars the safest in the market.

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Black Friday? No, Green Friday!

climate change | environment | sustainability

Who said Black Friday? There is a much more sustainable alternative to this compulsive shopping day; Green Friday, which has born to fight consumerism and promote responsible and sustainable purchases with the environment.

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Electric vehicle maintenance

EV essentials | electric vehicle

Did you know that any electric car, be it a Tesla, a Renault Zoe or a Nissan Leaf, has 60% less parts than a combustion one? So that means maintaining any electric vehicle will be much simpler and cheaper!

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Plastic pollution accelerates climate change

climate change | pollution | environment | sustainability

We are not fully conscious about how plastic invades our daily life, how it pollutes our seas, glaciers and our lives, but it does, and way too much. Plastic pollution increases climate change and greenhouse effect and threatens our planet; only 9% of total plastic has been recycled!

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Energy saving tips

environment | sustainability

Saving energy is not only important to reduce the cost of our bill but above all to promote sustainability and take care of the environment. It's about adopting new habits and being constant to increase our energy efficiency.

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Charging types for electric vehicles

charging types | EV essentials | electric vehicle

We can differentiate between 5 types of charging an EV nowadays on the market. Depending on the power and charging speed we can differentiate between normal, semi-fast, fast, super-fast and ultra-fast charging.