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Black Friday? No, Green Friday!

climate change | environment | sustainability

Who said Black Friday? There is a much more sustainable alternative to this compulsive shopping day; Green Friday, which has born to fight consumerism and promote responsible and sustainable purchases with the environment.

8 minutes read

Plastic pollution accelerates climate change

climate change | pollution | environment | sustainability

We are not fully conscious about how plastic invades our daily life, how it pollutes our seas, glaciers and our lives, but it does, and way too much. Plastic pollution increases climate change and greenhouse effect and threatens our planet; only 9% of total plastic has been recycled!

7 minutes read

Greenhouse gases & climate change

climate change | pollution | environment | sustainability

Combustion vehicles, among others, generate a large amount of GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions, which increase the greenhouse effect and the climate change of our planet. This also causes serious consequences such as the alarming Greenland thaw that we are already living.