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Want to be part of the electric vehicle community?10 minutes read

Electric airplanes: the solution to aviation pollution?

Electric vehicle | Sustainability | Environment | Pollution

Electric airplane is the sustainable alternative to reduce the environmental impact of aviation: air pollution & greenhouse gas emissions.

13 minutes read

Coronavirus and human stupidity

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution | Climate change

In the wake of coronavirus, air pollution levels around the world have plummeted as never before, but that's not such good news.

6 minutes read

Yes, diesel pollutes much more than petrol

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution | Climate change

The real diesel pollution: studies by Transport & Environment contrast that diesel cars are more polluting than petrol engines.

9 minutes read1 Comments

Plastic pollution accelerates climate change

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution | Climate change

Long-term effects of ocean plastic pollution are undeniable: it accelerates climate change and emits powerful greenhouse gases.

6 minutes read

Ozone layer depletion

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution

As human race, we have accelerated the ozone layer depletion by creating a hole of millions of km² through pollution and climate change.

7 minutes read

Greenhouse effect & climate change

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution | Climate change

Combustion vehicles generate greenhouse gases emissions that accelerate climate change, increase global warming and greenhouse effect.

5 minutes read

Air pollution & fine particles emissions

Sustainability | Environment | Pollution

Atmospheric pollution is made up of fine particles suspended in the air (emitted by diesel vehicles) that seriously damage our health.

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EV Charging points management system

Connect Control Center | Place to Plug

Charging points’ owners and operators can manage their electric vehicle charging points thanks to Connect, the EV charging point software with more than 100 features.

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Developer platform: from developers to developers

Developer platform | Place to Plug

Thanks to customizable integrations with 3 rd parties’ systems and apps and real-time information worldwide, our API simplifies charging point usage and management in your own EV charging solutions and developments.

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App for EV drivers to charge everywhere you go

App for EV drivers | Place to Plug

Find and charge in hundreds of charging points anywhere you go with our app for electric vehicle owners, designed to offer the best charging experience, without the need of specific apps or RFID cards.