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The electric vehicle dictionary

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

Complete glossary: the most commonly used terms in the electric car vocabulary, including acronyms such as PHEV, FCEV, V2G, CPO, WLTP...

5 minutes read

What’s AVAS? An Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

AVAS system or PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) is the Acoustic Vehicle Warning System that all electric vehicles must include by law.

7 minutes read

How to extend your electric vehicle lifespan

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

We bring you tips to help you both extend your electric vehicle lifespan and increase its autonomy, as well as eliminate range anxiety.

3 minutes read

Night rate for electric vehicle drivers

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

An off-peak tariff has been created for EV drivers to charge its electric cars during the night rate to maximize their savings.

6 minutes read

Electric vehicle safety

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

Electric vehicle safety is greater than combustion cars: they have multiple safety elements and considerations and competitive advantages.

7 minutes read1 Comments

Electric vehicle maintenance

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

The electric vehicle maintenance results cheaper thanks to a much simpler mechanical structure, which means fewer breakdowns.

7 minutes read

Charging types for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

Charging types for electric vehicles depending on the charging speed: normal, semi-fast, fast, super-fast and ultra-fast charging.

6 minutes read1 Comments

Electric vehicle charging modes

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

Charging modes for electric vehicles: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4, and each one corresponds to a particular charging type.

5 minutes read

Connector types for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle | EV essentials

Connector types for electric vehicles: Type 1 or Yazaki, Type 2 or Mennekes, CHAdeMO, CCS or Combo and Schuko, a conventional plug.

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EV Charging points management system

Connect Control Center | Place to Plug

Charging points’ owners and operators can manage their electric vehicle charging points thanks to Connect, the EV charging point software with more than 100 features.

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Developer platform: from developers to developers

Developer platform | Place to Plug

Thanks to customizable integrations with 3 rd parties’ systems and apps and real-time information worldwide, our API simplifies charging point usage and management in your own EV charging solutions and developments.

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App for EV drivers to charge everywhere you go

App for EV drivers | Place to Plug

Find and charge in hundreds of charging points anywhere you go with our app for electric vehicle owners, designed to offer the best charging experience, without the need of specific apps or RFID cards.