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Heavy-duty transport: hydrogen or electric batteries?

Electric vehicle | Trending news

Hydrogen trucks, a climate risk? The battle between the energy efficiency provided by electric batteries and green hydrogen.

7 minutes read

Covering Climate Now and climate emergency

Sustainability | Environment | Climate change | Trending news

Covering Climate Now has been created to provide media coverage of global warming and support the fight against climate change.

10 minutes read

The best electric car advertising spots

Electric vehicle | Trending news

Electric car advertising is booming! Discover the best ads from Volkswagen, Porsche, Tesla, Renault, Audi, Opel, Peugeot, Nissan…

10 minutes read

Best-selling electric cars and top-rated electric car models

Electric vehicle | Trending news

Which are the best electric cars on the market? Let's discover the electric car sales database in Spain, Europe and worldwide for 2020.

12 minutes read

New European Climate Law

Sustainability | Climate change | Trending news

The proposal for a European Climate Law aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 through the European Green Deal.

16 minutes read

Which are the real electric car savings?

Electric vehicle | Trending news

Yes, an electric car pays off! Day-to-day savings it offers are well worth it; easy to be amortized and with multiple economic advantages.

13 minutes read

The definitive goodbye to all false myths about electric cars

Electric vehicle | Trending news

Yes, there are still too many electric vehicle myths that hide the great benefits of electric cars and we want to strongly refute them!

8 minutes read

The future of electric mobility: solid-state batteries

Electric vehicle | Trending news

The evolution of lithium-ion battery: solid-state batteries, the future of electric cars. Greater autonomy, more safety and fast charging.

7 minutes read1 Comments

Hydrogen, the future fuel?

Electric vehicle | Sustainability | Trending news

Hydrogen and electric vehicle. Do you believe that hydrogen fuel cell car will become electric car great competitor? Let’s talk about it!

How is Place to Plug boosting electric mobility?

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EV Charging points management system

Connect Control Center | Place to Plug

Charging points’ owners and operators can manage their electric vehicle charging points thanks to Connect, the EV charging point software with more than 100 features.

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Developer platform: from developers to developers

Developer platform | Place to Plug

Thanks to customizable integrations with 3 rd parties’ systems and apps and real-time information worldwide, our API simplifies charging point usage and management in your own EV charging solutions and developments.

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App for EV drivers to charge everywhere you go

App for EV drivers | Place to Plug

Find and charge in hundreds of charging points anywhere you go with our app for electric vehicle owners, designed to offer the best charging experience, without the need of specific apps or RFID cards.