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10 minutes readFeb 1, 2021

The best electric car advertising spots

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Electric car advertising is booming! Discover the best ads from Volkswagen, Porsche, Tesla, Renault, Audi, Opel, Peugeot, Nissan…

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Surely many of you have noticed that, in recent years, companies' corporate actions to care for the environment have increased and, consequently, these have been transferred to advertising.

This corporate switch of companies is due to the implementation of the Green Marketing strategy. We are now willing to buy more expensive if we get an eco-friendly product or service as a reward, and that also includes electric vehicles!

Paradigm shift: why has electric car advertising increased?

Yes, despite Covid-19, electric car advertising has increased significantly, but let's be honest, the main reason for this is not because car companies are committed to reducing pollution, but to avoid huge sanctions:

  • EU sanctions against CO2 emissions

In January 2020, an EU regulation against CO2 emissions from combustion vehicles came into force, requiring car manufacturers to reduce the average emissions of their vehicle fleets to below 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Brands that do not comply with this reduction will be fined with penalties ranging from 2.4 to 1.2 billion euros.

  • European Climate Law

The imminent entry into force of the new European Climate Law aims to make the EU the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

How? By drastically reducing emissions by at least 55% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2030, meaning to achieve the decarbonisation of the transport sector by boosting the electric vehicle.

First 2021 electric car ads

Car manufacturers have adapted to the evolution in society's values and most have changed their advertising strategy by applying Green marketing and betting on transmitting a very powerful message: the electric car is here to stay and to build a new era where we are all part of the change that both the world and our society need to take care of our planet.

For us, the announcement of the new Volkswagen ID.4 is simply formidable and exemplifies this new message so clearly:

SEAT's CUPRA brand has not wanted to be left behind and has surprised us with this ad - which we dare say touches the heartstrings - promoting its first 100% electric car; the CUPRA el-Born.

"The world has reset, so have we. Less run on empty, more recharge the battery. Less toxic, more detox", so begins Opel's exciting ad to promote the Mokka-e:

Renault has chosen to launch a corporate advert showcasing its leadership in the electric vehicle market, thanks to the successful sales of the Renault Zoe in Spain, Europe and worldwide.

Hyundai delights us with this beautiful story to show us the potential of the Mini 45 EV, based on the 45 EV Concept:

The best electric car advertising spots of 2020

As we have already given you a taste of the first advertising spots of 2021, let's find out which were the best electric car ads of 2020 from the most well-known brands worldwide.

1. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the brands that has made a strong move towards electric mobility by launching the ID family.

2. Hyundai

The brand, which is making a strong commitment to hybrid and electric technologies, shows us a very powerful message: "Designed to bring the world a sustainable and empowered way of life".

3. Audi

In this ad Audi has excellently combined the elegance of the new e-tron and the Green marketing concept with the presentation of a new era.

4. Ford Mustang

Who said that high-end vehicles can't be electric?

The new Mustang Mach-E, presented in an audiovisual format that looks like a movie trailer, makes the difference towards a new shift to electric mobility.


A rather "conventional" advert without applying the concept of Green marketing, but... it's a Mini and it's 100% electric!

6. Porsche

Want to see a brilliant advertising spot created to promote the 2020 Super Bowl? A fast-paced sports car race in which the electric Porsche Taycan takes centre stage:

And in case the potential of the electric Taycan wasn't clear enough....

7. Opel

The German brand wanted to say goodbye to 2020 with this powerful advert (featuring the electrified Opel Corsa-e and Mokka-e SUV):

8. Mercedes

The official 2020 announcement is certainly emotional, but we also want to show you the fascinating 2019 Mercedes advert showing the German brand's electric model, the EQC, with a very clear message: it's electric and it's Mercedes.

9. Renault

The official promotional advert for the brand's best-selling model, the Renault Zoe, is from 2019, but we show it to you as it has been widely publicised throughout 2020:

10. Škoda

Škoda's new advert aims to show viewers how easy it is to take advantage of technological developments for human enjoyment, and more specifically how easy it is to enjoy driving an electric car.

11. Peugeot

Peugeot has not wanted to be left behind either, presenting its new 100% electric SUV e-2008 as a new way to enjoy driving in a new technological dimension.

12. Nissan

Nissan has gone a step further in this announcement by showing not only the beginning of a new era of mobility but also in terms of intelligence and technology.

If this previous spot was launched in mid-2020, at the end of the year a new one was launched to celebrate 10 years of electrification of the company:

13. BMW

The German brand could not be absent from this list either. We invite you to discover this mysterious advert:

14. Tesla

We couldn't end this article without showing Tesla ads! Surely you've been waiting for them, right? Let's go with the one for the Model Y. What can we say? We love it...

And this one below, despite being from November 2019, we couldn't not show it to you, as it is the famous and much talked Cybertruck launch!

What has been the evolution of electric car advertising?

What has the history of electric vehicle advertising been like? Let's discover some of the most remarkable campaigns!

1. Ajax Electric Runabout

Yes, the first advertisement for an electric car is from a 1903 newspaper! The electric car was actually created years ago and is part of contemporary history, but unfortunately the interests of the automobile industry shifted towards the combustion world.

2. The electric vehicle is here

The following spot (from 1996) is from the General Motors EV1, showing a very clear message: “the electric vehicle is here”.

This model is known as the first modern electric car, manufactured by General Motors and produced from 1996 to 1999 in the United States, but was afterwards phased out and destroyed.

The documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” shows all the interests that were involved in eliminating the big step towards electric mobility around the 2000s.

3. Nissan and its unwavering commitment to the environment

Bold, shocking and certainly thought-provoking 2010 advert. Nissan does not disappoint:

4. Imagine a world without electricity

What would our world be like if there were no electricity? What would our daily lives be like if everything ran on fuel?

Both Renault and Mitsubishi wanted to capture this in their almost identical campaigns to promote their Z.E. and iMiEV models, respectively:

In fact, the images are quite shocking and effective for the year in which these ads were made (2011), a time when society was not as aware of how pollution was harming our planet.

5. PostMan: Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault decided to produce a wonderful animated film for Valentine's Day 2018, which tells a beautiful and comical love story that you can't miss!

6. Kia e-Niro and Robert De Niro

What a play on words, isn't it? Well, Kia had the brilliant idea of doing a commercial campaign with Robert De Niro to promote the new Kia e-Niro! There's a whole series of little commercials that, if you're a De Niro fan, you should check out.

7. Bye bye noise!

And to finish off, we'd like to leave you with this fun Mercedes advertising spot that was launched in mid-2018:

8. Jaguar and the European Car of the Year

Now, yes, last video! We couldn't end this article without showing you the announcement of the Jaguar I-PACE (for now, the brand's only 100% electric vehicle), classified as the 2019 European Car of the Year:

💙 How does Place to Plug contribute to the transition to electric mobility?

At Place to Plug we are committed to expanding the charging station network as much as possible and making it globally interoperable. This is why we are proud to see our dreams come true and the electric vehicle is beginning to enter our lives with force.

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