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2 minutes readSeptember 14, 2019

What's Place to Plug?

Place to Plug | electric vehicle

Place to Plug was born as a collaborative platform in 2015 in order to unify charging points of private users, and today we have become a platform with an end to end solution for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry.

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✨ What does it mean?

On the one hand, the heart of the project is Connect, a control center that allows managing any type of charging point or charging station, thanks to which we can obtain metrics and statistics adapted to your needs. Connect provides more than 100 features to cover all the needs of operators and owners of charging points, and offers an exceptional design in terms of user interaction.

On the other hand, we offer an app for EV drivers designed to offer the best charging experience. It will allow you to access a map with more than 180,000 charging stations, choose the one that is closest to you and even reserve it, and charge your vehicle to the point you have chosen.

And finally, we offer a platform for developers which allows integrating Place to Plug in any third-party system, app or website. In addition, we also offer a real-time API.

🚀 And where are we going?

In transforming the charge into another one much more efficient and intelligent. It means, to enhance the concept of Smart Charging.

We want to boost the electric vehicle industry and be a key element in the transition to a more sustainable mobility, since we dream in a world where society works thanks to renewable energy, not only in the transport industry but in any scope of our lives.

Our planet and our health needs us!

🚙 So how can Place to Plug help you?

By empowering you to use electric vehicles offering an end to end solution for the entire EV charging industry, whether if you are an EV driver, a developer, a business or an institution!

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