Reasons to install an EV charging point
5 minutes readFeb 27, 2020

Why installing a charging point in your business?

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Reasons and benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging point: sustainability, extra income source and new customers!

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Installing an electric vehicle charging point in your business will bring you more sustainable visibility, which will be a considerable plus for both current customers and future new customers and, at the same time, will provide a new income source to your company.

Currently, not only electric vehicle fleet is rising, but so is charging points network which is extending nationally and internationally.

The amazing Tesla Superchargers deployment around the world with more than 1,600 stations and 15,000 superchargers and IONITY's extensive ultra-fast charging network throughout Europe are signs that something big is going on.

And well-known brands such as Renault, Nissan, Seat, Volkswagen, Volvo and Porsche are already betting big to turn their vehicles fleet into 100% electric in the upcoming years.

We are at a non-return point where there’s no turning back: electric vehicle is here to stay, and this is a crucial opportunity to boost your business in a time of great changes. The benefits of installing an EV charging point are clear: sustainability, extra income source and new customers!

Reasons to install an EV charging point

  • Near future

What it's clear is that electric vehicle boom is still to arrive, but the key is to have your business ready for it at an infrastructure level for the paradigm shift that is about to come, and thus help pushing on electric mobility.

  • Eco value

Adapting now to the new electric mobility needs will undoubtedly bring an ecological brand image to your business and will also bring real and tangible values such as sustainability and environmental responsibility.

And that means attracting new potential customers!

  • Greater visibility

Any business, be it a hotel, a restaurant, a store or a shopping center, is valid to install an EV charging point and to be part of a global network that contribute to boost electric mobility.

  • Extra source of income

Attract thousands of electric vehicle drivers and turns them into new middle / upper class customers interested in consuming in your business thanks to the fact that your offer charging points.

Get the most out of your charging station and take even more profit from your customer-enabled parking area, thus generating an extra source of income for your business.

Which benefits will Place to Plug bring you?

Place to Plug offers you an all-in-one platform so you can adapt your business to electric mobility without added difficulties and so you have a completely transparent process with zero worries. With our end to end solution you will not be short of reasons to install an EV charging point!

  • Comfort

We take care of charging point installation entire process and its correct activation and integration in our platforms automatically (the point incorporates a configured SIM that provides internet connection) in order to offer its maximum comfort to your business.

  • Remote management

Our Connect control center allows you managing remotely any charging point you have installed in your business in a quick and easy way, allowing you to get the most out of your charging station.

You will get real time information (charging points' status, charging sessions, issues...), statistics tailored to your needs (such as electricity consumed, charge time, income and CO2 savings, for example) and advanced parameters as payment methods, scheduled bookings, advanced filters, differences between charging stations and huge number of features according to the needs you have as an operator.

  • User-friendly

Any user will have access to your point or charging station through our app thanks to which you can charge your electric vehicle scanning a QR code without the need of having specific cards.

This means your business will appear in our charging station map, where users can locate new charging points, which guarantees you will gain greater visibility in search engines.

In addition, users can pay for each charging session automatically through our app; whose amount will be received fully by your business at the end of each month.

Which benefits will your business get?

  • Promote a customer loyalty and attract new customers.

  • Generate a new important source of income.

  • Gain greater sustainable and environmental responsible visibility.

  • Show yourself as a future-proof business and ready for the imminent changes that are yet to come.

  • Increase your business visibility by being part of a global network of charging points.

  • Enjoy a fully automated process that guarantees no worries.

  • Easily manage charging sessions and charging zones, bookings, payments, users, tariffs, issues and vehicle fleets in real-time.

  • Get statistics 100% tailored to your needs.

  • Offer a free app to your customers to manage all their charges.

Are you interested in offering a charging service to your business for less than what you imagine and with no worries?

Do not hesitate about it, contact us :) Place to Plug is the solution you were waiting for!

🚙 And how can we help pushing on electric mobility?

Offering an end to end solution for the entire EV charging industry, whether if you are an EV driver, a developer, a business or an institution!

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