Reasons to buy an electric car
8 minutes readSep 14, 2019

Why moving to the electric vehicle?

Electric vehicle | Sustainability

Electric vehicle benefits and advantages: sustainability and pollution reduction. You won't need any more reasons to buy an electric car!

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Today there are multiple opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles and the benefits of electric cars, but, without any doubt, the most important fact to consider is the reduction of pollution of both CO2 and other greenhouse gases against vehicles of combustion.

EV offers us multiple advantages, which we can summarize in 7 great points, but we can assure you that you will have plenty of reasons to buy an electric car!

1. You will save time

On the one hand, it’s true that planning a trip of more than 1500km with your EV today is not an easy task, either due to the lack of autonomy of the vehicle itself or due to the lack of recharging points along the trip. And, in addition, probably the points we find are not fast recharging ones, which means we have to make stops between 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the battery level available that have our vehicle.

On the other hand, the daily use of most drivers is usually between 20km and 50km. When talking about a combustion vehicle, we must move to the nearest gas station to refuel. But when we talk about an electric one, this problem disappears.

Why? For the simple fact of having the possibility of installing a plug or a charging point in our garage and being able to charge the vehicle every day when arriving home. Thus, we have the option of plugging in the car every night to refuel the kWh we have used during the day, and never having to worry about if we have enough fuel to go to work or home.

2. You will enjoy driving even more

We must remember that electric vehicles don't have gears since they don't need them. One of the main electric vehicle benefits is that it delivers 100% of its torque from 0 revolutions. And this means that they accelerate more and better than their diesel or gasoline equivalents. Just step on the accelerator and dose depending on the speed you want to reach!

The best moment when driving an electric is when a good acceleration is needed: joining a highway, leaving a STOP, etc., is an easy task with an EV, whether you have Tesla or a Renault Zoe.

3. You will adore the silence and the smoothness of driving

In big cities, the noise caused by the combustion cars is much more evident, and it causes about the 80% of the total noise. In this case, an electric vehicle, with its almost absolute silence, will greatly improve not only the driving experience but the health of the society. Therefore, an EV helps to reduce by a very high percentage the noise pollution in the cities. One of the great electric car advantages, right?

However, from 2021 it will be a must in Europe that both electric vehicles and hybrids have an AVAS (Audible Vehicle Alert System). That is an acoustic warning that will sound while driving at 20km/h.

The main AVAS function is to avoid accidents since, until now, both electric and hybrid do not generate any type of noise. And this causes pedestrians do not notice the presence of these vehicles, accustomed to being guided by the sound emitted by combustion vehicles.

AVAS will vary both its tone and its frequency from a minimum of 56 decibels and a maximum of 75, depending on whether it’s accelerating, stopping or reversing.

It will come the day when only EV will be able to circulate and we’ll realize the enormous loss of quality of life meant until then the constant noise of combustion vehicles, and how comfortable it’s to be surrounded by EV.

4. Your health will definitely improve

Did you know that WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that the smoke produced by diesel combustion is carcinogenic?

Do you want to breathe clean air in your city? Electric mobility is already waiting for you! Another of the great electric car advantages, don't you think?

5. You’ll save money from day one

Yes, one of the great benefits of electric cars is that you will save much more than you think!

Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline and diesel. Driving 100km with an electric one costs you from €0.5 to €1 if you have a good rate compared to €5.50 in diesel and €8 in gasoline.

The electrical ones do not have oil or filters to change, so their maintenance is so much cheaper. By not having an engine and a transmission with thousands of moving parts, they have much less breakdowns and fewer repairs.

No more changes of brake pads and discs! With the regenerative braking of the electric motor you can drive hundreds of kilometers without touching the brake pedal. More than a Tesla that exceeds 200,000km has not yet changed his brake pads 😉

Although it’s true that the cost of acquiring an electric remains higher than its combustion equivalent, it won’t be no longer like this in the near future. Even so, try calculating the expenses associated with the use of the EV against one of combustion and compare... Numbers speak for themselves!

6. You could drive 365 days per year

If you are not one of those who lives in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona, and you do not have an EV, imagine for a moment that it’s like this. You wake up in the morning and you find the anti-pollution protocol activated in your city. It’s forbidden to drive or park in the center because we are in a full episode of high pollution. So, the perfect moment to use public transport, which goes so unnoticed in our daily life, but that is a key factor to promote sustainable mobility and reduce the concentration of vehicles (and their consequent contamination) in our cities.

But let's say you have an electric, you will have the whole city for yourself! It will take you half the time to leave the children at school and arrive at work, where you will also park for free at the door of the building. Why? Because you have an EV!

Do you need even more reasons to buy an electric car? We give you them!

7. You’ll contribute to leave a better world for future generations

Without any doubt, this is one of the main electric vehicle benefits, since it generates less greenhouse gases emissions throughout its useful life than a conventional car (this includes its manufacture, use and his recycling or scrapping) even though we count with electricity based on non-renewable sources, which in many countries unfortunately is still like this.

There is an analysis method called Well to Wheel: from the oil well to the wheel, which takes into account the CO2 emitted both to extract, transport and process the crude necessary to make cars and produce gasoline and lubricants for use, such as CO2 emitted when manufacturing an electric and generating the electricity that moves it. This method demonstrates that, although the manufacture of an electric has 15% more CO2 emissions associated with it than a thermal one (due to battery production), this difference is compensated after only 20,000km.

What is clear is that EV doesn’t emit any type of polluting gas during its operation. Taking into account this fact and the carbon footprint, that is, that the electric power was produced from non-renewable sources, let us take the example of a country like Spain to compare the CO2 emissions produced by a combustion vehicle in front of an electric one.

Don't you think it's worth fighting for a world where we move exclusively thanks to renewable energy?

Considering that the average production of electric energy through renewable sources is 45% in Spain in 2019, the EV emits less than a third of CO2 than a combustion vehicle supplying through the electric mix. Why? Because a user with an EV, connected to the power grid, would generate an average of 250kg of CO2 per year. On the other hand, the same user, with a diesel would emit 1,100kg of CO2 and one of gasoline, 1200kg.

And if we talk about not using the power grid and recharging the car with solar energy, we would be generating 0.0kg of CO2. Numbers speak for themselves, right?

In addition, diesel generates nitrogen oxide and fine particles, which contributes to destroy the ozone layer which also causes serious problems in our health:

Although the EV generates a small amount of CO2 with non-renewable sources, it doesn’t generate any kind of affectation on our health, since CO2 is a greenhouse gas that we generate ourselves by exhaling air.

Reducing from 1,202Kg to 250Kg of CO2 emitted is already an achievement. Reducing the emission of PM2.5, PM10 and NO2 to 0.0Kg is the goal we must go after.

So, the conclusion is clear: driving an electric vehicle hurts much less not only the environment but also our health.

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